Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Installing netmiko on Windows

Netmiko is a Python module by Kirk Byers that provides a wrapper around the Paramiko SSH module for doing screen scraping and CLI automation on network devices.

Paramiko has some dependencies that make installation on Windows a tad tricky. Here's a quick way to get it done:

  1. Install Anaconda.
  2. From the Anaconda shell, run "conda install paramiko".
  3. From the Anaconda shell, run "pip install scp".
  4. Install git for Windows.
  5. Clone netmiko with "git clone"
  6. cd into the netmiko directory and run "python install".
Done! Screen scrape away, and don't forget to hound your vendors for real APIs... :-)


Anonymous said...

Just what I needed; Thank you.

Koroush said...

Appreciate your help.
I am able to import netmiko in IPython 2.7 & IPython Qtconsole 3.2

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