Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quick Example: Elasticsearch Bulk Index API with Python

A quick example that shows how to use Elasticsearch bulk indexing from the Python client. This is dramatically faster than indexing documents one at a time in a loop with the index() method.


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Hello Jay,

Interesting piece! Great to see someone write #topic who is not a fanatic or a complete skeptic.

An array can be any length. If it’s passed to a function, there’s no way the function can tell how long the array is supposed to be, unless some convention is used. The convention for strings is NUL termination; the last character is an ASCII NUL (‘’) character.

I am trying to create a loop to call in the entries from the text file named Set.
The entries of Set.txtare:
1 2 3
2 4 5
and so on ... (64 such combinations) [/code]

it basically means the first combination for testing is 1 2 3 and next has to be 2 4 5 and so i have 64 such entries defined in set

my test files are located in D://data// and are named tst_data1 to tst_data64.

Very useful post !everyone should learn and use it during their learning path.


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Hello There,

A spot on observation on what probably is “the” underlying details of the
"Quick Example: Elasticsearch Bulk Index API with Python".Too many people don’t even think about wherever there will be actual demand and more importantly what happens if this demand comes later (or maybe a lot later) than they expect

I want to ask for the newbie of linux, which platform of linux should I start with?
But nice Article Mate! Great Information! Keep up the good work!

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